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Annual Flu Vaccine: Why is it worth the shot

Spending time in the workplace may expose us to different environmental hazards. This affects our immune system or the ability to fight common diseases, such as Flu. While we don't have full control over our working environment, safeguarding our health from Flu lies in our hands. A quick start is by keeping ourselves informed and developing a proactive mindset before the onset of Flu season.

What is Flu Virus?

Influenza is a highly contagious infection that causes serious respiratory complications. It attacks the body by spreading through the upper and/or lower respiratory tract. Young children, older adults, and people with certain medical conditions are at risk. In the Philippines, Flu usually strikes during the rainy season so make sure to prepare for it before its onset.

Why Should You Get Vaccinated Annually?

New flu vaccines are released every year to keep up with rapidly adapting flu viruses. Because flu viruses evolve so quickly, last year's vaccine may not protect you from this year's viruses. Hence, it is not enough to get vaccinated only once.

Who Should Get The Flu Shot?

Annual Flu vaccination is recommended for everyone from age 6 months or older. Pregnant women, older adults, young children, and individuals with chronic medical conditions are particularly at risk.

What Are The Types of Vaccines Available?

Quadrivalent, developed in 2012, is the strongest recommended type of Flu vaccine. It is designed to protect against four different flu viruses; two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses.


When was the last time you got vaccinated for Flu?

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