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Your smile matters.

From basic dental consultation, cleaning, tooth extraction, dental x-ray, to more complicated dental procedures

General Dentistry

  • Consultation

  • Oral Prophylaxis (light, moderate, heavy)

  • Periapical X-ray

  • Treatment of Oral & Gum Lesions

Restorative Dentistry | Basic Surgery

  • Light Cure Filling

  • Light Cure-Additional Surface

  • Glass Ionomer

  • Temporary Filling-IRM

  • Temporary Filling-Fermin

  • Extraction-Adult / Child


  • Digital Panoramic X-ray

  • Endodontics

  • Periodontics

  • Surgery

  • Prosthodontics

  • Orthodontics

  • Aesthetic Dentistry  

Digital Panoramic Xray.png

Digital Panoramic X-ray

Recommended for getting dental braces and finding out the overall status of one's oral health

  • Coco Life

  • Flexicare

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